From: Winnie R. Samson ‘sexsifour’


KUDOS to the following persons, we tip our hats:

  • The three Ladies from Las Vegas; Ruby, Carol & Ingrid for their assistance and patience during our planning stage, including their Tau Epsilon husband Elmer, Flor & Arnold.
  • To Dick Arienda ’62 for Producing and Directing the Sister Act, also all those brods that shared their talent
  • To Domeng Santos and Mandie Remigio for their bigheartedness
  • Our three judges during the welcome party, Ellen Dela Cruz, Irene Tanchanco & Bing Pilobello.
  • The Tau Epsilon Official Photographer, Boy Atienza ‘65A
  • And to my French Mentor, Louise Estrella ‘54
  • To all the Lady Tau’s who had the courage to speak and express their views and outlook about the friendship and brotherhood
  • And all the Brods that in one way or another assisted in making the 59th Anniversary a Whopping Success


  • The First “Most Exalted Brother” (MEB) Remigio Carsi Cruz ‘46 was in attendance.
  • Plus Bing Liberato (wife of the late Ray Liberato ’53) was on hand, Thanks to her daughter Marilyn
  • Four (4) from the Philippines, including Ret. Lt. General Mar Tanchanco ’61, Ret. Commodore Terry Dela Cruz ’58, Edgie Pilobello ‘69A, Rene “Bot” Sangalang ‘69A
  • Six (6) from the Royal Canadian Sector (Romy A, Rick S, Raul C., Johnny C., Elvis M. & Dick A.)
  • Three (3) from the Eastern Seaboard, Romy M., Gregg E., & Bill O.
  • Four (4) from the Midwest, including Cip “Boy” Atienza and Three (3) from the Chicago Four (Jess R., Greg G., & Vir M.)
  • One (1) from Arizona State (Denny Custodio ‘70A)
  • Five (5) from Northern California (Gabe R., Rolly P., Domeng S., Freddie G. & Doggie R.)
  • The “Trio” from Las Vegas, Nevada (Flor L., Elmer P. & Arnold C.)
  • Twelve (12) from the famous Southern California “Elites”
  • Bolt from the blue attendees; Grato Catolico ’55 & Cesar Patulot ‘61
  • Total of Forty One (41) Tau Epsilonians take part in this 59th Anniversary
  • Thirty Five (35) Lady Tau’s was on hand


  • October 7, 2005 (Friday at 7:00 a.m.) GOLF Tournament – Thirteen Brods played at the Palm Valley Golf Course, Summerlin, NV.
  • October 7, 2005 (Friday) at 5:00 p.m. Thirty Eight (38) Tau Epsilonians participated at the WELCOME PARTY, a total of seventy three (73) people share the occasion.
  • October 8, 2005 (Saturday at 6:30 a.m.) There were seventeen (17) Tau & Lady Tau joined the trip to Hoover Dam
  • One of our beloved founders (Remigio Carsi Cruz ’46) was at the Picnic Event (Buckskin Park Basin); Delicious Filipino Cuisine was served, courtesy of the Las Vegas TRIO.
  • October 9, 2005 (Sunday)
  • Total of Forty (40) Tau Epsilonians and Bing Liberato, play a part at the GRAND NIGHT AFFAIR
  • A total of Eighty (80) persons, including guest participated and share the prolific event



An Open Letter to a Ka-Batch '62
On the 2003 Philippine Reunion Hosted by the Philippine Chapter


Brod - here's the Reunion details/news that you requested on your e-mails.

I know how hard you tried to go and fully understand your reason for not being there. I really missed your presence there, so from your ka-batch - here are the Highlights. The Reunion was a great success. It was all excitement from the Registration/Welcome party, to the final goodbye "see you next Reunion" breakfast.

The Reunion was well attended. The 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's were all represented. We had Brods and their families came from as far as Canada, Illinois, Oooooohio, southern and northern California, the republic (?) of Arizona, Nevada, and Washington. One Brod, because of schedule difficulty, flew all the way from New Hampshire with his entire family just to be at the Grand Ball. A Brod from Isabella, learning about the Reunion the night before, drove all day to Cavite to be with there, and Brods from the southern Islands were in attendance too. A prominent Brod from the Phil., on wheelchair half his body paralyzed, attended the Reunion for two days with his daughter, three nurses and three bodyguards. and still talks about his Fraternity days. - Brod, this is the Tau Epsilon spirit.

A past MEB Brod’s widow came all the way from California to represent her late husband, proudly answered the Batch by Batch roll call, spoke about her husband’s dedication to the Fraternity, saying that if he was alive, he would have been the first one there.

Two past MEB's, one in crutches, one on wheelchair with an artificial leg, still claim that the Fraternity was at its best during their time, and that they are forever a Tau Epsilonian no matter what condition they are in. This is a real Tau Epsilonian attitude.

A Brod who is a long time Mayor in a Cavite Municipality, insisted that his Tau Epsilon leadership molded his political career, proudly proclaimed to the prominent town of Mendez, Sunday Feb. 23rd, a "Tau Epsilon Fraternity Day." A key to the town/plaque was given to each family. A mass was held at the town plaza, then his beautiful and charming wife led us to a lavish lunch at the town hall amidst the deafening fireworks heard all over town.

Then there was our beloved Brod E. Roldan - a founder. Tall, white haired and handsome, a real Tau Epsilonian, (qualified to walk with the '62's), talked about how the Fraternity was formed in '46 and the Brods who started it all, and talks and talks about his fraternity life. He urged us to continue the fight. His speech at the Grand Ball was inspiration to all.

And the Grand Ball - OUTSTANDING !! - the mother of all balls and induction balls combined. With the men in barong and dark pants – Brod, ang gu-guwapo naming lahat. And the ladies in Filipiniana dresses? - mahihiya Brod si Imelda, specially when the Phil. group made their grand entrance followed by a rehearsed dance by the Phil. wives. The Emcee - Tito and Mando? OK lang Brod. Puede na. Pero Brod kung naroon ka at suot mo yong black and white mong sapatos na ginamit mo sa Toronto, at nagsalita ka pa ng kaunting French - wala silang sinabi sa batch '62.

The setting was perfect. The program was outstanding, the food, specially the matamis na saging with langka was outrageous. But most of all Brod,- the Phil. Organizers, the Brods and the wives. WHAT A GROUP !!!!! Sacrificed their time, spent time off from their jobs, spent their own money to make this Reunion happen. A real Tau Epsilon Family that worked together. I tell you Brod. I will run an Apache line again to thank them for what they have done!!!

The Reunion was an affair to be remembered. From the welcome party, the Golf tournament (and of course Batch '62 shot the best score), the picnic and the games and the serenaders, the Hawaiian night, the Western Night by the pool - complete with a whole BBQ Cow from the Mayor, the Bus trip to Mendez, to the Grand Ball - the program was exciting, the schedule was flawless

Brod, I was so proud of myself for being a TAU EPSILONIAN.

Here's how I sum up the event using an MC TV commercial;
      * 30 - hours of round trip flight to Manila - $ 900.00
      * Reunion Fee including 3- party nights, 3-days of breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks,          dinner, snacks - $ 100.00
      * Seeing your long lost ka-batch, hugging your worst master after 30 yrs., telling          everybody your batch is better than theirs, listening to each Brod’s initiation experience          over and over and over again - $ PRICELESS

See ya in 2006.


October 2005     Las Vegas 2005 Reunion Preparation
July 2004     Vancouver 2004 Reunion Preparation
August 9, 2003     Great Lakes Brod/Ladies get-together
July 19, 2003     TEF Micro-Mini Reunion at Vallejo, CA