Valentin Flores '51

To fellow brods and family, this is one journey I have missed for the Good Lord has other plans for me. I would like to set the tone of the party and that is having a great time with you friends. Remember the laughter we have shared in the past, that even in my last days on earth my brods and their wives that visited me at home and sent well wishes via e-mail and post has filled my heart of Love and Care. You have helped and supported my precious children and their family in many ways that we are grateful to handle our special situation.

My beloved Brothers, this is not Good Bye . . . I raise a glass to toast the beauty of life. Love one another and take care of each other.

Yours truly,
Brod Titing ‘51

Dick Arienda '62 -   June  26  2005

The past eleven months has been very quick. It seems like yesterday when we all hugged each other at Robson Street, Vancouver. I still remember the summer wind that gently touches our faces while at the balcony of our hotel suite, immensely enjoying the bird’s eye view of this Multicultural City.

The scenic background of the panoramic Grouse Mountains, the serene calm of the Blue waters of English Bay, coupled with the bustling sound of the traffic in the city, swaying like in a dance to the tune of West Coast Swing.

The long lasting memories of our family picnic fun at the Peace Arch Park, dead smacked in the midst of two great nations, still lingers into my mind. The night we all saw and met Elvis in person, and graciously accommodated us for a photo shoot, wasn’t that something? Helen and I miss you all. Your presence in this gathering made us both feel very important.

This coming October, we are to meet again. This time it will be at the Sin City, Nevada. Hoping for a whale of a goodtime. My batch, Honie del Banco, enforcer Winnie Samson, and the LA “elites” in conjunction with Bros Arnold Cabrera, Flor Labutay, Elmer Pineda of the Vegas chapter will hopefully lead all Brothers to sin and evermore. Wine, women, and Song? ……but I don’t think so.

For us few senior citizens, it’s Perrier, wishful thinking, and make believe……just kidding!

Anxiously excited,
Dick Arienda '62

July 8, 2003 - Ping '64
Per Brod Dick'62, to have a reunion in Vancouver, I am on it and I hope it materialized soon. Maybe we can drive around some nice spots and/or camp / hotels alternately.

Lake Banff is 135 km from Calgary a good drive from Vancouver?

July 8, 2003 - Gatchi '65A
Hey that sounds like a great suggestion, brod Dick. We were there last Sunday afternoon (July 6) drove right after our CFC 9th Leaders Conference in Seattle, Wash. I was thinking of giving you a call but it was planned spontaneouly by our wives as we went back to Seattle by almost 11 pm.

We just went to Chinatown and indulge ourselve with exotic fruits and went to a very good Chinese Rest. that I'll surely recommend if we get there back again, hopefully for the 2007 Reunion (?). I just hope it will not be around July 4th weekend as I am committed to attend our CFC events every year.

But go ahead with your plan (be it 4th of July) as I might change my mind to skip just one for a special brods like you. Dehins bola iyan, pare ko. Who knows sometimes, it's being held much earlier, so there's no conflict. Sometimes our Awesome God will arrange our schedule so we'll have both worlds (as they say). Patok ba brod Dick?

July 8, 2003 - Dodie '61
I am in favor with Brod Dick, reunion in Vancouver.

July 11, 2003 - Irene and Mar Tanchanco '61
My lady tau Irene was egging me for the past five(5) years to visit the beautiful city of Vancouver (sorry Toronto's), I think this is the time to visit in time of the tau mini reunion.

I agree with Dick Viagra's suggestion of having it it Vancouver.