The Birth of Tau Epsilon Fraternity

TAU EPSILON FRATERNITY was founded in July of 1946 by a group of young men who had a common dream of becoming engineers to help rebuild and recomstruct our country from the ravages of World War II. Many of the founders were then former students of the University of The Philippines who were also active members of the TAU ALPHA and BETA EPSILON Fraternities. From the merging of these two fraternities was born TAU EPSILON.

From a very young fraternity of ambitious yet dedicated members, with it grew the virtues of brotherhood, loyalty, love, sharing and service. At a time when chaos and confusion were the meals for the day, these young men, bonded by a common dream and desire to rise above the wreckage of WWII, dedicated themselves to pursue engineering studies. Thus, the first batch of young engineers from Mapua Institute of Technology stepped out to the real world, a realization of a young dream.

Through the years, TAU EPSILON grew in numbers yet maintained that same brotherhood, loyalty, love, sharing and services between and among members. Some have gone ahead to join our creator. Many brothers and their families went to work overseas in pursuit of that proverbial "greener pasture". Wherever and however state of life a brother maybe in, with the help of new technology, touching base is just at the tip of one's finger. Through this, many brothers are now included in the e-mail loop of TE. This all the more brought most TE's in contact with one another. Each brother's success brought pride and sense of belonging.

1992 saw yet another milestone in the history of Tau Epsilon. The Tau Epsilon Foundation was incorporated under Philippine Laws. The purpose of which is to help students pursue their studies and at the same time add on to the number of TE. It must be noted that the last batch were recognized and accepted to the fraternity in 1976.

This year 2003, 57 years later, the Philippine Team hosted the 57th founding anniversary of TE. Everybody celebrated the rebirth of Tau Epsilon. Remember, TE will never die, for the spirit lives on... And for always.

“Mabuhay Tau Epsilon !”.


Sixto Deleon 1946
Antonio Mabanaag 1947
Remigio Carsi Cruz 1948
Mauricio Fugoso 1949
Antonio Agra 1950
Perfecto Rivera 1951
Francisco Ramos 1952
Benedicto de Villa 1953
Reynaldo Reyes 1953
Rafael Liberato 1954
Agustin Jaleco 1955
Agerico Sison 1955
Ceferino Limbo 1956
Rolando Custodio 1957
Marcelo Matias 1957
Eliseo Espirito 1958
Fernando Magno 1959
Francisco Mendoza 1960
Arsenio Luna Jr 1961
Raymundo Reyes 1962
Cesar Sol Arceo 1963
Pablo Ramirez 1964
Mario Tanchanco 1965
Eduardo Toribio 1966
Jesus Ronan 1967
Jose Enrique Valencia 1968
Mario V Astete 1969
Antonio Marquez 1970
Bert Tomas 1971
Gabe Rafael 1972
Gabe Rafael 1973
Efren Recuenco 1974