Welcome to the Tau Epsilon Fraternity and Kappa Gamma Mu Sorority website.
This website is the home of the brothers and sisters from the Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines who share and strive to keep the brotherhood/sisterhood intact through the golden years. It provides a communication tool for active members and a gateway for those still in search of their brothers/sisters.

If you are a non-active Tau Epsilonian, we encourage you to contact us. Depending on where you are, you might want to contact the Philippine, Canadian or USA Chapter at committee@tau-epsilon.org.

You will find on this website our mission, the rich history of the fraternity, current and archived events and a means of feedback. This website will continue to evolve as we endeavor to create a most effective and efficient means to communicate with our members and guests.

Welcome Home!

The Tau Epsilon Fraternity was founded in 1946 at the Mapua Institute of Technology.
It is the oldest fraternity that ever existed in the Institute. However, in the mid-seventies, greek-lettered associations were strongly discouraged in the universities and colleges in the Philippines. Inevitably, the Tau Epsilon Fraternity had its last batch of membership in 1976.

It is difficult to imagine a college life without a fraternity. It is even more difficult to accept the fact that the continuity of a cherished brotherhood has been broken. The heritage of rich history and proud tradition cannot be passed on. Without the passing of the baton that bonds and keeps the membership alive, the end has been assured - maybe. What makes Tau Epsilon different from the ordinary fraternities is that it will not take such an adversity lying down. It is against this backdrop that we dedicate our lives in fulfilling a simple and straightforward mission:
       - We will keep the Tau Epsilon Fraternity alive by seeking each other out,           communicating and holding small or large gatherings.
       - We will continue to live the Tau Epsilon spirit of brotherhood, be of service to the           membership and help those who are in need.
       - We will strive to establish a Tau Epsilon Foundation so our tradition can be passed on           to future generations.

We believe in love and loyalty to the Tau Epsilon Fraternity, our Alma Mater and our Country.

We believe in the fraternity as a brotherhood of men of integrity, in perpetual quest of excellence as a way of life, based upon immutable principles with a bond as strong a right itself and as lasting as humanity.

We believe with fidelity in the traditions and ideals of the fraternity and on my honor to uphold them.

We vow to respect the brothers who suceeds, extends a helping hand to all who seek it. No brothers will be left alone. We shall never forget.

We believe in Tau Epsilon Fraternity for the high principle that it stands for, and as an abiding influence to help us fulfill our obligations, maintain our self respect, love our fellow man, serve our country, and obey our God.

This is the creed of our brotherhood. These were the thoughts and hopes eternal in the minds of the fourteen founders of the Tau Epsilon Fraternity.