TAU EPSILON NEWSLETTER No. 4         October, 2003



Founded by a handful of young men from the University of the Philippines, this fraternity is by no means just a social club. I would have imagined the members of the Batch '46 were set to be role models for the future engineers graduating from Mapua Institute of Technology.

Recruitment of new members for all the popular Greek-lettered groups on campus starts with a poster, tacked inside each of their own glass-encased Frat Bulletin Boards. Mind you, when you read one, you read them all! The one that caught my eyes was the old cabinet-like bulletin board that hung directly beneath the main stairs of "C" Building. The location was very prominent, and the poster simply read: BE A MAN, JOIN US! At 17, I don’t even know what that meant.

I quickly forgot those advertisements in the days after. But then I met Raul Caguin, a specimen of a nattily man. He shook my hand and told me that he belonged to the Tau Epsilon Fraternity, Batch ’59. I thought, so what? But then I began to bug him questions about his TEF. In the next few days, he gave me an application form and acted as my sponsor.

I joined 20 other kids all lined up for the Presentation Night. We were introduced by this dark macho guy who later I found out to be the Fraternity’s Most Exalted Brother. He humiliated each neophyte with a thundering open-handed slap in the face, signalling the start of gruelling initiations that went on for weeks. My Batch, ’62, endured the longest one. Six weeks of physical and mental torture, apache lines, sneaks, mission fulfillments, and lastly the dreaded Finals.

Our initiation period was marred by a neophyte's accusations of cruel hazing. Tau Epsilon was suspended prior to an investigation and we were all forced to go underground. When the Frat Sweetheart pinned the symbol of TEF on my suit’s lapel during our Induction Ball Night, I let go a big sigh of relief. I felt elated, proud, and a sense of belonging came upon my spine. Needless to say, I felt like a Man. When I faced the real world in the years after college, it was just a piece of cake. I simply talked and acted like a man.

Tau Epsilon moulded my destiny, my life as a Man.

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Greg Estrella New Hampshire
Cip Atienza Ohio
Tony Marquez Toronto
Dick Arienda Vancouver
Gab Rafael San Francisco
Franklin Reyes Los Angeles
Mario Astete Philippines