TAU EPSILON NEWSLETTER No. 1         July 1, 2003

Greeting from “sunny California”!!!!

This is the newsletter that I promised to start and all of us will take turns of picking up the ball and keeps it rolling. We will shoot for publishing a newsletter as often as we think that there are some news to be told but should not be more than three months intervals otherwise it will defeat the purpose. The success of this newsletter is dependent on all of us and not because of just a few. Next turn will be in the order I listed below, so it will be Greg’s and so on, then we’ll change committee members to give others the opportunity(after Greg,, his name will disappear and another name will come in). I’m sure all of us could write a paragraph or two for the good of the Order. This newsletter will eventually end up in our web page.

First, these are the rules:
       * No format… anybody could submit any article they want published anyway they want.           Your article will not be edited.
       * Articles are limited to the fraternity activities only.
       * No hitting below the belt.
       * No x-rated material.

The members of the Newsletter ad hoc committee are:
       * Greg Estrella - New Hampshire
       * Cip Atienza - Ohio
       * Tony Marquez - Toronto
       * Dick Arienda - Vancouver
       * Gab Rafael - San Francisco
       * Franklin Reyes - Los Angeles
       * Mario Astete - Philippines

Wondering when and where is the next reunion? Stay tuned, the Southern California “Showtime Elites” will be having a meeting soon to discuss this issue.

                                  JoeyV’64 (Straight Shooter)

p.s. Please tell those brods who did not receive this Newsletter to send me their e-mail address.

Summer Activities - TE Canada

A.   Jul 5th, 2003 (Saturday) BBQ-DAY at Tony Marquez residence to celebrate Linda's birthday at 5:00 PM sharp. We have invited other brothers in the Great Lakes region, to come and join our celebration, however majority politely declined due to the bad US travel advisory to Toronto, because of SARS.

We regret this SARS scenario because we will miss the camaraderie of our US counterpart. However the invitation is still open and you are most welcome to join us. Calling our brave Stateside brothers. If we do not receive your responses soonest, this will be an all

As usual we do it differently, and always expect a 100% attendance. Headed by our President, Johnny Cabildo, Ka Titing Flores, Raul Caguin, Danny Pigon, Tony Marquez, Efren Requenco, Romy Alon, Jun Capule, me and not to forget our Lady Taus. Every time we celebrate together, brother Dick Arienda is always in our mind and heart.

B.   Trip to Casino Rama tentative date August 2003. Johnny and Romy are in charge to follow-up hotel availability. One day sleep over and lots of fun.

                                  Many Thanks, Rick Silvano '65B

A '65B Point of View

Months before we started this newsletter, I had a feeling no way this newsletter is going to fly. I said all along, with all these bickering and fireworks, this newsletter will be dead on water. But I was wrong. We were able to overcome our immature individual egos and moved on.

My vision for a newsletter is to see and read interesting articles, entertaining news from around the fraternity circles, our families (reminder, no outsider/no exceptions) and most of all, a personality profile about a deserving Tau Epsilon brother. Somebody who is doing something above and beyond the ordinary, qualifies. This will serve as a stimulus of encouragement for everybody to contribute or get involve in any way you can. Let us not just be audiences. God gave us brains, let's use it! I always believe in using our God-given power and being an American, remember, the last four letters of that word (American) stands for I Can! Further, let each and every one be accountable for his own write-up.

On a lighter note, Congratulations to my second daugther, Kathy Reyes UC Irvine class of 2003. She graduated last 14 June 2003. Too bad, party's over, I could have invited all of you.

Finally, let's have articles/news without prejudice, short, simple and could be read without getting bored. Let everyone accept our differences and consider them as newly attained viewpoints.

Have a great 4th of July to everybody, and I'll be back next month.

                                  Franklin Reyes '65B

Another '65A Point of View

Brod Joey V.,

That's quite an impressive line-up you've assembled except the NorCal reps. I think two is too many and brod Gab Rafael will be the better choice for the Newsletter agenda of exclusive Fraternity activities only. In my view, there should be restriction only on x-rated materials or vulgar terms.

If there's no spiritualities and only secularization of our fraternity will prevail, then I excuse myself for now of the honor to be part of any ad hoc committee. Well maybe in the future, either the restrictions have been lifted or the "silent majority" decided that we should add another column to cater to the conservative group.

But I will support whatever you guys come up with. Excuse me brods but I am opposed to secularization being imposed by a few to the silent majority of the worlds, our country, our society, our community, schools, etc. And I would wish our fraternity will not be another one with LIBERAL Agenda.

I know, for a fact, that a very few of us do not believe in our Christian belief, then they should be more tolerant as well and just don't read, delete what they receive. In the same token that we'll do the same if it does not suit our taste. We should be mature enough to get along well even if we're debating an issue and let the ad hoc designee be the mediator.
OK regards to Evelyn . .

God loves you


Greg Estrella New Hampshire
Cip Atienza Ohio
Tony Marquez Toronto
Dick Arienda Vancouver
Gab Rafael San Francisco
Franklin Reyes Los Angeles
Mario Astete Philippines