TAU EPSILON NEWSLETTER No. 2         August 1, 2003


The New Year was 2002. And like any other years gone by, we used the old appointment calendar as a template and replaced the old one. We meticulously noted the permanent important dates, like birth dates and anniversaries of relatives and intimate friends and transferred them to the new calendar. All new information was added to the list. Obsolete information was deleted, noting unmet expectations and comparing them with reality.

There are some very important reasons for doing this. One can keep track of the coming events and make all the necessary long-range preparations to travel to the big City, thousands of miles away. Sometimes the preparation becomes extensive, a punch list is prepared and arranged in the order of priority. A path forward emerges. The local Chamber of Commerce of the destination City is contacted to request brochures and other tourist spots information. Since most of the stays are time limited, the impulse is to practice maximum utilization of time. Relatives and friends are notified. This is the time to renew acquaintances, re-connect, compare family and friends’ notes, tell stories, update information, etc. That was the kind of preparation for the anticipated yearly scheduled reunion that year in San Diego.

It was a very big disappointment when the reunion was scrubbed and scuttled. The primary reason given by the organizing brothers was lack of interest and failure of the brothers to respond in a timely fashion and make a commitment necessary to fill up the minimum headcount. This is out of character of the Brothers in the past. The Chairman of the organizing group should have made the decision to proceed, bite the bullet as they say. I am sure the other brothers will follow. It is an ideal way to arrive at a decision by consensus. Seeking consensus always leads to debate. Some will accept and some will not. If things do not turn out right, the easiest way to exit is to abandon the plans.

It was frustrating indeed after all the preparations and the anticipation. I cannot fault anybody but we missed a golden opportunity to meet the brothers, who because of their failing health and advancing age to make the long trip to the Philippines find it extremely difficult to attend another reunion. We missed the chance to re-connect with the brothers once again.

What are the lessons learned? The yearly July 4th weekend re-union is fine. For those of us who are still working, we will not be too hampered by scheduling problems. The February reunion in the Philippines, while it is true that the season offers a respite or a break from the long winter, did present us with numerous challenges. In our particular case, residing on the East Coast, it was particularly difficult. After the tropical heat of the Philippines, driving the three hours from the airport to our home, in sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow with no ready winter clothing and snow boots on hand, was indeed a big challenge.

In spite of all the impediments, it was with a feeling of renewed joy that we met with Brods from those memorable years of fraternity life.


More than five decades after the Fraternity came into being, we are still eager to explore ways to communicate with the other Brothers. With the advent of the electronic age, most of us easily become adept with the workings of the computer. But even with all our modern modes of communications: e-mail, facsimile, cell phone, telephones, etc. we still have that gut feeling that there is something lacking. We would like to sharpen our focus and communicate to a bigger audience and be able to reach out to other brothers by a single click of the mouse with a recorded message.

Brod Joey Valencia should be commended for originating the idea and following it thru, to put in writing, for publication and for posterity, our Fraternity experiences, - the good, the bad and the ugly. This project is a very big undertaking. It requires the expertise, dedication, commitment and sacrifice in time of the Fraternity Brothers’ best “web makers”. To those Fraternity Brothers Ted Cordero, Cip Atienza, and others who contributed to the effort, raised their hands to be counted, volunteered their time to make this brainchild a living reality, I extend my congratulations for a job well done. The project will be an on-going and continuing effort. This endeavor needs our wholehearted support.

Greg Estrella '54  and  Louise Estrella


Greg Estrella New Hampshire
Cip Atienza Ohio
Tony Marquez Toronto
Dick Arienda Vancouver
Gab Rafael San Francisco
Franklin Reyes Los Angeles
Mario Astete Philippines