TAU EPSILON NEWSLETTER No. 3         September 1, 2003

BY:  FER 65B


SIN OF THE BROTHERS:  In fairness to the Southern California Tau Epsilonians who have been the butt of all jokes and the target of criticism this article is written as a lesson for us all.

As we live out the third quarter of 2003, we the Southern Cal. Brothers find ourselves too often reminiscing about the past and too seldom looking to the future. With 2004 just around the corner we are still contemplating should’ve, would’ve, could’ve on the fallen through reunion of 2002. It’s time we move on! Let us put those issues behind us and leave it as a memory. The more time we spend mourning over the failed reunion will lead us to watch another year pass us by without any action taking place. Our organization will not be able to move forward if we keep looking back in history. The Southern Cal elite brothers put their reputation at stake and squandered this window of opportunity.

Let us learn from our mistake and move on. My challenge to all Tau Epsilonians is to show our fellow brothers that our brotherhood is not superficial. We do not just talk the talk but we can walk the walk as well.

INITIATION DAYS REVISITED:  Speaking of reminiscing about our glorious initiation days, it’s hard to forget the masters (nee brothers), whose characters and personalities created a lasting impression.

I remember a guy whose name “Rebadavia” a.k.a. matador, (a butcher in real life). At that time I could not remember how to spell his name. I would spell it either R-e-b-u-s-a-d-o like in Camaron rebosado or R-e-p-o-l-y-o (cabbage), and got a lot of beatings for every mistake.

There was a fine cool gentleman, Luis Tapaoan who gave me a mission to come to his house only to be treated to a merienda. He even displayed for me an array of drawings of Flintstones and others.

Unique aliases I can’t forget who called themselves “George Hamilton the IV,” “Our man Flint,” “Henry Silva”, and “Kissable Lips.” Who are these people?

However, who can forget the “hostile dos por dos” reception that Rolando Polintan and myself got from Domingo Santos. The best mission I performed was to deliver flowers and Cadbury (mind you the only brand specified and expensive too) to the beautiful and infamous “Edna S” at Sta Isabel College. Fortunately, Edna was my classmate on some of my back subjects so the mission was a piece of cake. Being a sorority member herself, she was very sympathetic and again was treated with tender, love and care.

He was very intimidating! His trademark was putting earrings and watches by burning our earlobes and wrists, trying to out do the “Dr. Sloan lotion master”. I can’t even remember his name. Fill me in here, anybody?

Not to be out done, the mission performed by Ricardo Silvano and myself for the “not so tall fellow” Mr. Raze. We just dropped the goods and ran as fast as we could only to see he was waiting for us, but too bad we out ran him. We were able to take on that passing jitney like the wind.

Last but not least, let us not forget our then president Mario Tanchanco. During meetings, he would pick our pockets and tear all the impossible missions. His Gabriel’s Bar served as our rendezvous and safe haven from being kidnapped by the never ever satisfied masters.

Ah, initiation days, how could you forget? The best and worst time of my college life…

UNNANIMOUS:  My choice for the Tau Epsilon Profile is none other than a fellow 65B,
TED CORDERO a.k.a. “Bungo” (meaning the skull) during our initiation days. I don’t need to elaborate all the good things accomplished as you can see why this newsletter even exists right now. Ted is a firm believer of putting words into action. Three words can describe Ted, a thinker, doer and an innovator with out doubt. In my book, you’re the best, perhaps second to me? (Just kidding) Carry on Ted, you deserved it! Unfortunately, Ted turned down my interview and everything written are things best remember about him.

HAIL AND FAREWELL:  My better half and I will be on travel next month to see the old world called Europe. Got to go, running out of things to say. Will see you on the rebound!


July 1, 2003 Greeting from “sunny California”!!!!

Greg Estrella New Hampshire
Cip Atienza Ohio
Tony Marquez Toronto
Dick Arienda Vancouver
Gab Rafael San Francisco
Franklin Reyes Los Angeles
Mario Astete Philippines