TAU EPSILON NEWSLETTER No. 5         November, 2003



Coming into the campus of the Mapua Institute of Technology at Doroteo Jose (Is it still the same street name today?) during the early ‘50s and witnessing at a closer range all the hazing and initiations of the different fraternities (I don’t think the sororities were already in existence at that time. Please correct me if I am wrong.) I was dead certain I would never join a fraternity. All those activities, sanctioned by the School Authorities at that time, going on for days and weeks was a waste of time and resources. I would rather devote my free time to study and excel to greater heights. Fraternity life in my mind will never be a promising endeavor. It is equated with high-risk student behavior that would eventually result in alcoholism, absenteeism, frequent socializing with the opposite sex, uneventful midnight trips exploring the environs, etc.

I was always thinking of the folks back home sacrificing so I can attend the college of my choice and take the course I elected to take. In return I was committed to repay them in whatever manner I could as soon as time and circumstances permit. I resolved I would never misuse my time on anything that would not help facilitate my acquiring a good education. All the negatives in joining the fraternity crept into my mind. In short, I decided it was not worth my time.

My close association with my Uncle and his fraternity brothers opened my eyes, gave me a good perspective of the quality of association that they had for each other in times of need. They went out of their way and supported each other. In their professional life, the older Brothers who occupied positions of leadership in the community reached out to the younger Brothers, gave them a guiding hand and led them so that the younger Brothers in due time can obtain the training and preparation to assume a position of leadership in the future.

As my college years passed by and noting all those college activities going on in the campus organized by the different fraternities, my curiosity of trying to join one came back to me. It seems to me at that time, as it is now, that joining a fraternity was one way of shaping the character of a student. This would be an opportunity for me to join a fraternity, in search for a deeper meaning and direction on contemporary campus life. I had always wondered what it would be like to join a fraternity

However, there was a plethora of Greek-lettered fraternities on the school campus at that time. For me it look like selecting one needed an in-depth critical analysis of each and every one of them. The window of opportunity was fast coming to a close. I had to make a decision fast and quick. There was no sense joining a fraternity in my last remaining year of my college life.

There is always a point of change in every man’s life. A change in the direction of his action coupled with the change in his line of thinking. For me, I changed my negative thinking about joining a fraternity by my association with my Uncle and his fraternity Brothers and close observation of the kind of treatment they had for each other. They exemplified all that is best in the human spirit of endeavors, abundant generosity of their time and resources to lend a helping hand to a Brother who is in need, dedication and concerns for the welfare of a Fraternity Brother, a commitment to the value that most forcefully strengthened fraternity bond.

I had changed indeed from that nebulous stage of contemporary thought about fraternity life. After three years of campus life I decided to join the Fraternity and be associated with the campus elite. I strongly believed joining the Fraternity was one way of enhancing the dynamic way of life in college. That it is a prelude to leadership and service roles in the community.

The Tau Epsilon Fraternity, in the course of its existence, has experienced so many ups and downs. Defying all odds our fraternity has survived, and is still growing strong, for more than five decades. The Fraternity has resurrected from it moribund stage during the Institute’s suppression of its active campus activities in the 70’s, proclaiming to all the misbelievers that our Fraternity is a success story and is here to stay. Credit the staying power of the Fraternity to the espirit the corps and the unremitting energy of its members.

Greg Estrella '54  and  Louise Estrella

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